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Additional Services

Loan Car
As a convenience we can provide a Loan car at no cost we just ask that you return it as you receive it including the full tank of petrol.

We will ask you to sign a standard form stating you cannot take the vehicle outside of Auckland and you received it with no damage. We recommend you examine the vehicle before collecting it so that if you notice damage on the vehicle you can let us know and not be blamed for it.

If we are not too busy we may also be able to pick you up and drop you off.

If your vehicle is broken down we can arrange towing of it, we will let you know the towing costs after we call the towing company.

We do not operate the towing company so we cannot give prices on towing costs.

Air Conditioning Check and Regasing can be arranged.

Shock absorbers test, our Safe-T-Stop test track allows us to test and graph your shock absorbers performance.

Weigh your car, our Safe-T-Stop test track allows us to weigh your vehicle for whatever reason.

We can align your headlights for Warrant of Fitness.

We can also restore your faded head lights with either a polishing or a professional dismantling and reglazing.

We can arrange for alloy rim repairs.

We can also arrange for scratch and dent repairs.

And we do minor exhaust repairs.

Some of the additional repairs are outsourced and are subject to outside quotes and prices we will discuss the terms and prices with you.